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Before surgery article

Before your surgery there are many things to consider. Knowing more about gastric band surgery and exactly what it involves is a must to ensure you are well prepared.

There are basic things to consider such as

  • Travel to and from the hospital
  • What your surgery is all about
  • Post op recovery
  • Absence from work
  • Your pre/post – operative diet
  • Medications especially if you are diabetic.


    The pre - operative guidelines may be slightly different at each centre but generally you will have to follow a special diet prior to your surgery – a lower calorie and lower carbohydrate diet designed to shrink the liver before your operation. The diets purpose is to reduce the body’s glycogen stores (glycogen is a type of sugar which is stored primarily in the liver and the muscles and is broken down into energy when needed by the body). This reduction in glycogen stores is advised in order to reduce the size of the liver. The liver lies across the stomach so shrinking it allows your surgeon better access to the stomach to perform the procedure.

    Some of the given diets may involve just taking meal replacement products, some may be based around normal small, healthy meals and some may be a combination of the two. Whatever the diet plan you are advised to follow you must ensure you follow it 100% for the correct length of time. Usually the more weight you have to lose the longer you will need to be on the pre – op diet for. If you are really struggling with it contact your chosen centre for advice – their dietitians may be able to alter things slightly for you so you are able to follow it. It also important not to have a “ blow out” just before your surgery as overeating can undo the liver shrinking effects of your pre – op diet.

    Failure to follow the pre-operative diet properly may mean that surgery could be delayed or even cancelled. The diet is only intended to be followed for a short period of time, in order to shrink the liver quickly for surgery, so it may make it easier to stick to since it’s not for too long

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