Before surgery

Q – Will I be in a lot of pain?

A Everybody is different – some find they have hardly any pain and others do find it painful. You should expect some discomfort though but you can take soluble painkillers to help. It is common to have wind pain – usually in your left shoulder – Gripe water, Windeze or peppermint tea can help.

Q – Will the scars be noticeable?

A Initially they will be but in time they should fade a lot - scars will differ from person to person also

Q – Will I have to stay in hospital?

A This depends on your Bariatric provider and where you live in relation to the hospital but realistically you should expect to stay overnight in hospital.

Q – Do I have to tell people I have a band because they will be able to tell?

A No you don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to. Your partner will probably see the scars though so that could be more difficult to keep secret however other operations have similar scars. Once the band is well adjusted though you will be eating a lot less and really have to take your time when eating so you may have to have different excuses ready to explain this if you are out for a meal for example e.g. You’re not really hungry or you’re not keen on the meal or you are cutting down to lose weight.

Q – Surgery is cheaper abroad but is it just as safe?

A Research the clinic thoroughly – check the surgeon is reputable, ask to speak to satisfied customers, check online reviews, check the aftercare package ( if any) you will receive and check the aftercare is in the UK – you don’t want to fly abroad for band adjustments. Here at BandBoozled we wouldn’t advise you going ahead without a comprehensive aftercare package – and off course we are here to help support you afterwards as well.

Q – Am I going to be left with a lot of loose skin?

A Weight loss with the band is usually slow and steady – actually at a similar rate to losing weight without a band (1-2 pounds a week) so you will be less likely to have loose skin than with some of the other Bariatric surgeries. This will vary from person to person also

Q – Can I still exercise after the band is in?

A Yes you can exercise as normal – just nothing too strenuous for the first 6 weeks after surgery. Exercise is encouraged to help with the weight loss.







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