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bad habits following weight loss surgery

Have you had surgery to become a lighter, healthier version of yourself...???   If you are into your weight loss journey and you are finding unhealthy habits or ways forming... you need to stop and take action now.   If you don't you may find that they become ground in and hard to break, never mind the effects that these may have on your weight or health longer term.

Things to look out for are:

  • Regurgitation/vomiting... thinking that throwing your food back up is ok
  • Eating more sweet stuff than ever before
  • Skipping meals for tuck shop items - Crisp/chocolate
  • Sticking to slider foods, or adding extra gravy/sauces to your meal
  • Eating past the allocated 20 minutes eating time
  • Not taking your multivitamins or missing your reviews with your GP
  • Socially excluding yourself.... Why..??

These are just a few things to think about from the team at BandBoozled, support following weight loss surgery 😊


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