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Aftercare Package?

Thinking about a Gastric Band?

When choosing your Bariatric Centre to do your surgery there are many things to take into account:

  • Your surgeon – have they got good reviews
  • The price
  • Staying in the UK or going abroad
  • The reputation of the clinic
  • How far you need to travel to clinics for your band fills
  • Do you have access to your surgeon after the op

However another consideration is to look into the aftercare that is provided – both the length of the aftercare and the quality of it. One of the key aspects of the bands success is how you work with it after the surgery. Unlike some Bariatric surgeries it’s not a magic solution and once it’s in you magically lose weight. You have to work with the band and to get the most from it you want a comprehensive aftercare package to help with this.

You should ensure you have access to qualified dieticians and nurses after your op. They will ensure you are given the correct advise as they are qualifies health professionals. They can help teach you:

  • What to eat – textured foods, healthy eating etc
  • How to eat – the 20+ rule
  • Give you recipes and meal plans to help you
  • Help encourage increasing activity levels
  • Do you band fills properly
  • Advised when and if you actually need a fill
  • Ensure you know how to recognise when the band is too tight – so you can come in for a defill and not risk the band slipping
  • Know the signs to look for when the band has loosened and you need to come into clinic
  • Do fluid checks when needed to ensure the correct amount of fluid id in your band
  • Help you recognise the signs that there may be a problem with the band
  • Arrange to give you the care you need to sort any problems you may have
  • Offer support and weight checks to ensure your weight loss is on target
  • Help you stay on track when you lose motivation
  • Give you invaluable advise on living with your band – flying with the band for example

Don’t underestimate the power of the aftercare – it can be the difference between the band working for you and reaching your goals or the band failing leaving you frustrated

BandBoozled can help with all of this - we aren’t replacing your aftercare but can certainly offer you extra help and support.

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