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A-Z of New Year Motivation

Let’s get the New year off to a great start – Well GOODBYE 2020....cannot say it has been a pleasure...!!!   let's make 2021 the year you reach your goal weight and end those dieting days forever!


A – A new Start – that’s what the New Year is all about – starting afresh with a positive, new attitude.

B – Baggage – let go of all your old dieting baggage – times you have re- gained weight, times you didn’t stay on track, past faddy diets – it’s a new year!

C – Carbs – no they aren’t bad for you; you shouldn’t avoid them but choose small portions and wholegrain/ wholemeal/ whole wheat varieties where possible

D – Digital measuring spoons – our little spoons can help keep you on track with your portion sizes – especially for the carbs as it’s easy to cook too much

E – Exercise – a must to boost your weight loss, outdoors may not be too appealing but there are plenty of indoor options – a warm, cosy gym with your favourite music on your earphones for example

F – Fruit – a great source of goodness – full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and low in calories

G – Give it time -Habits take some time to break and weight doesn’t come off automatically

H – Hair loss – can be common following weight loss surgery – ensure a good protein intake and take your recommended vitamin supplements

I – Iron – remember your iron supplements for bypass/ sleeve and regular dietary sources of iron for all

J – Juice – be careful it sugar free and avoid the fizzies following bypass/ sleeve surgery. Its easy to clock up a lot of calories on drinks that you aren’t keeping track off

K – Kitchen – have a good look through the Kitchen section of the site for recipes and meal plans – new ones have been added especially for the New Year

L – Loose skin – a slower, steady weight loss tends to help with this. Exercise to help you tone and body moisturisers certainly won’t do any harm

M – Meals – meals should be smaller, so you have to make the most of what you have – lean protein, veg and small amounts of carbs for a balanced, meal. Choose healthily and view your food as fuel for your body now

N – New Year – yes we have said it before but let’s get this one off to the best start possible – healthy eating, regular activity and a little time out for yourself every now and then

O – Offers – remember to read your newsletter each month for news of any special offers as well as all the latest up to date articles and recipes

P – Protein – super important following weight loss surgery – chicken, meat, fish, pulses, some dairy products and off course the array of high protein products now available

Q – Questions – any queries or questions at all please head to 'Ask the experts section' or join the team on 'BandBoolzed Bariatrics' closed FaceBook group - Sue and Nic will be only too happy to help!

R – Rest – remember to have at least a 20 second rest between mouthfuls of food. Chewing slowly, small bites and taking your time is needed after surgery

S – Slow – eat slowly! One of the best pieces of advice following weight loss surgery

T – Training – You can boost your motivation and results by booking in for our online personal training with James for just £20  

V – Vitamins – remember to take all your vitamin supplements as recommended by your providers guidelines

W – Work – you need to work at your weight loss too – make good food choices, watch the snacking, go easy on the alcohol, cook healthily, exercise regularly…….

X – Xcess weight – that’s the weight amount of weight that you are above a normal BMI and what you are aiming to lose –  as dietitians we measure your weight loss in percentage of weight lost so it’s a good measure of how you are doing

Y – You – make sure you make a bit of time for yourself this year to help you reach your goals – that could include meal prep time, exercise time or relaxation time

Z – ZZZzzzzz Get a good night’s sleep – the basis of everything you do. Everything is far harder if you are tired


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