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A Shift in the Weather 😞

I think we need to accept that our summer has come to an end..... we ain't had it bad so cant grumble really.

If you fall pray to the seasonal cough or cold virus then just beware these symptoms can tighten up your band whilst your getting over the virus

It may be wise to return back to a softer diet and increase your fluids, to help keep dehydration at bay (if you have a temp) and cleanse and flush toxins away.

Some good fluids to try include

  • Boiled water with honey and lemon 
  • Decaf tea - you could add some ginger for a little vitamin boost
  • Clear broths
  • Ice pops or clear ice lollies 
  • A delicious mug of cocoa - sure to make you feel better 

Take your multivitamins and minerals daily and stay well this winter...!!

During your illness if fluids become problematic, you can always consider a temporary defill till your better.... Its not the end of the world honest, and you can have your fluids back in once your feeling better.  Speak with your provider for more advice 



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