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A healthier approach to preserve our well-being

Are you suffering from lack of emotional support, financial stresses, relationship strains; perhaps you have been furloughed or unable to shift the pounds, or stick to a healthy eating plan? Fear not, You are not alone in your struggle. 


With the first vaccine being rolled out now, we are all reminded of just how difficult and sometimes downright heart-breaking the last few months have been, particularly not seeing or being able to visit our loved ones, especially those in nursing homes, not to mention the increasing numbers of those out of work and the ongoing tragic reality of losing our local and high street businesses.


This year hasn’t been easy for anyone. As we look to re-build, progress and recover slowly from the global pandemic of covid19, we should all continue to focus on strengthening our mental, emotional and physical well-being and step forward with an even healthier outlook and approach to 2021.

"Search and you will find."It is no wonder that we are always looking for new ways to enhance our well-being. Luckily, the wellness industry has a lot more to offer than just spa treatments, dim lighting and gorgeous aromatherapy oils. Your self-soothing abilities need to be practiced so that they become second nature and your “go to” sanctuary whenever you need it.

There are many ways to bring a sense of well-being back into your life.

Learning what works most effectively for you is important. What you do can range from Meditation, Reiki and Visualisation; but often, you need something in reserve to help you cope with those mental, emotional and physical stresses.

Inhale, now Exhale- Sounds straight forward? We don't really think about it but focusing on your breathing can be the most effective action of self-preservation. This simple step can be invaluable to your overall health. Create your own space and make the time to centre yourself by focusing on taking deep and shallow breathes.

Trust yourself -For several of us, asking for help and support from loved ones is our first port of call. However, it is also important to self-evaluate and independently figure out what would be more empowering than always relying on others. You need to see yourself as your own self awarding "rescuer, champion and liberator”.

Switch it up! – Opting for the great outdoors, lets one revaluate upset emotions. Sounds of nature, such as a running stream or listening to ocean waves on Spotify, whilst out for a run, can physically alter and regulate inner turmoil, allowing us to stay calm and relax. If you do have an outdoor stress-reliever for exercise, it’s time to head out and re-connect with your inner being. Take a bike ride, potter around in your garden or simply go for a long walk.

Sound of silence and healing- Though sound therapy isn't a recent discovery, it's been used in many cultures for many centuries. The Western world has built on this experience and integrates sound into many therapy sessions, treatments and workshops to create atmosphere. By doing so, encourages oneself to tap into your own inner thoughts, voice and being, by acutely journeying into trans-vibrational rhythm and healing.

Practise self-care-The classic comforts of taking long baths, applying face masks, whilst setting the mood with scented candles are what we all know. However, with our daily lives it can be sometimes difficult to set time aside for ourselves. It is important to assign these actions as often as you can and should be routinely part of your overall lifestyle. So the next time you feel not quite yourself, reach for your well-earned rewards and immerse yourself in your own sanctuary.

Health Conscious Foods- Ever thought of growing your own herbs, fruit and veg? This isn’t only limited to your back garden; Communities are finding ways to grow their own produce and share the experience. As well as encouraging locals of all age groups to participate in how to grow nutritional foods, healthy eating plans and recipes are shared, made simple and enjoyable for all.  You can certainly, find local public announcements online or posted on a community board in your local area.

Gut Instinct- If you ever feel guilty of over-consuming, you may want to try following your inner voice. The “just say no" mantra has been rising in popularity quietly in recent years as it helps you to decide whether or not you are hungry and allows you not only to focus on eating for the sake of eating just because it is in reaching distance, but also because you can reflect on your own eating habits by ditching some and adapting to healthier options.

Family Wellness- Your well-being was once a personal matter, but many of us realise that we are responsible for not only our mental and physical health care but for all those that we are in contact with. Many suffer in silence, some don’t have the support needed to fulfil or reach their goals and aspirations, others face loneliness and ill health.

Whatever your circumstances, by extending your hand of friendship and hope to others may just be the well needed antidote and remedy for all. By doing so, has a far-reaching impact than we can imagine. Remember to be mindful, positive and selfless in your pursuit for happiness and those of others.

Article by Mamuna Arshad

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