Fluid removed for an operation




When a gastric band is optimally adjusted your food intake with be significantly reduced and this may impact on you hitting your expected adequate nutritional requirements to optimise your health. More likely your provider will of advised you take a good supplement to help boost levels pre and post gastric band surgery.

Your surgeons primary concern post op will be your health and healing. Studies out there suggest that inadequate nutrition can compromise the healing process which may impact your recovery or your surgical outcome.

Taking fluid out of the band can be a worrying time for some band patients…. Fear of losing the controlcan be a little scary to say the least. But let's think practical about this….. most times your fluid is out your band a couple of week and hopefully once your showing good signs of healing your nurse can start to stage the fluid back in slowly.

You might of only had 1ml out but still it would be wise to put this back in over 2-3 adjustments, to allow your body to completely heal and for you to get back to scratch with your 20+ rule….. You will be shocked how quick old eating habits start to reoccur as soon as things relax slightly.

If it is just a small procedure under local/general anaestheticyour surgeon may be happy for you to not take any fluids out your band. Again this is purely down to your surgeon and the type of procedure you are having, so don't forget to ask your surgeon at your pre op.

It would be wise if you have a pending procedure coming up to make sure you are eating a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, Zinc and protein prior to surgery. It may also be wise to put things in place prior to surgery so you can maintain this post op to aid your recovery.

So don't panic, think logical about this one…..try to stay on track, choose wisely and healthy as much as possible….. Request your visitors consider this too and opt for the healthier option of fruit and magazines, rather than sweets and chocolate.

Good luck with your procedure and here's too a speedy recovery.

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