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30 Day Challenge to Enhance your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The theme for this challenge is self-care and incorporating physical and mental wellbeing into your daily routine, which may sound difficult but is actually quite simple.

Whether you put them in your calendar, add them to your phone as events, daily reminders will help you stay on track. Leave yourself reminder notes on your bathroom mirror/fridge door/reminder board or bookmark this blog page and come back to it if you ever have questions regarding the day's goal.

So, let's get started...... Are you ready?

✅ - Day 1, do some deep breathing techniques. 

✅ - Day 2, catch up with a good friend.

✅ - Day 3, plan something fun to look forward to.

✅ - Day 4, donate or recycle something you don't use.

✅ - Day 5, practise 30 minutes of yoga

✅ - Day 6, prepare a nutritious lunch. Meal prep for the week if you have time

✅ - Day 7, seek assistance with anything. Thinking of giving your living space a new face lift, pile in friends and family to help

✅ - Day 8, listen to some upbeat music and have a dance off!

✅ - 9th day, take ten minutes to read — whether it's good or bad!

✅- On Day 10, take a lunchtime stroll. Get some perspective and take a well-earned “me” time

✅- On Day 11, set aside a few hours for a spa treatment - Do whatever makes you feel wonderful, whether it's a manicure or a blowout.

✅- Day 12: Engage in a favourite pastime. Colouring, doodling, sketching/cooking etc all boost blood flow to the brain's reward circuit.

✅- Day 13: Allow yourself to get distracted by a film.

✅- Start going to bed 30 minutes earlier on Day 14.

✅- Today, instead of drinking alcohol or a fizzy drink, hydrate with water.

✅- On Day 16, plan a game night.

✅- On Day 17, make a little objective. Give yourself a purpose and reward your achievement.

✅- Day 18, check something off your to-do list that has been bothering you.

✅- Day 19, compliment someone - spread some good karma around.

✅- On Day 20, invite some friends over for a night in. Whether it's a book club meeting or a Netflix & chill get-together…start planning

✅- Try a 5-minute meditation on Day 21.

✅- FaceTime with a family member on Day 22. Set aside some time and put the effort in.

✅- Day 23: Go outside and do something. Try an activity exercise/gardening- or take up photography.

✅- On Day 24, organise a date night with your person. If you're single, it's not a problem. Make a pleasant plan with a friend who appreciates you instead.

✅- Day 25: On social media, unfollow nasty/toxic individuals.

✅- Say no to something on Day 26.

✅- Day 27: Spend the night at home without using your phone.

✅- Day 28: Watch a silly video that will make you chuckle. Try TikTok!

✅- Day 29, Make a list of something positive that happened today and appreciate it.

✅- Adopt a new habit on Day 30. Ditch the old one and adopt a new positive one instead.

Consider the last 30 days to see if you want to make a change. Is it feasible to have a weekly gaming night? Did taking a walk during lunch make you feel more prepared for the rest of the day? You may continue to do your favourite pastimes on a regular basis for the rest of your life, even after the month is over.


Article by Mamuna Arshad – Aesthetic, Lifestyle Specialist & COMPS Lecturer

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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