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Goodbye embarrassment, Hello Confidence………

Building a healthy relationship with the gym and exercising is one of the most positive and rewarding things you can do. Nothing beats a post-workout buzz for boosting your mood, making you feel accomplished, and ready to take on the world.
We are our own worst enemies when it comes to fitness. Constant self-criticism and the sense that we are slipping short of our expectations can be exhausting, and it can wear away our self-confidence and self-esteem particularly at the gym.
We remind ourselves all the time that we aren't good enough or we simply don’t have the time to commit. We chastise ourselves for not having reached the finish line and place undue pressure on ourselves to try and achieve drastic yet unattainable results. However, with time, persistence, dedication, and resolve, you will achieve your goals once you set your mind to it.
“Ditch the negative and take positive steps…!”
It’s time to ditch the embarrassment, pessimistic self-pity, and frustration, and commit to re-setting your mind, re-booting your attitude and reviving your spirit. The aim is to get the best outcomes by inspiring you to make healthier lifestyle decisions. The more positive you are, the better the outcome and the more proactive you are, the better the result.
Working out where to begin can be overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the exercise world. I hope you find this blog post a huge help in combating negative thoughts when going for a workout.
Here are few negative gym thoughts to avoid….
Feeling Self-conscious? At the gym, everyone is focused on their own personal aspirations, development, and exercise; nobody will be staring at you, and no one will be judging you. It's much more difficult to muster the confidence to go to the gym and work out than it is to really go to the gym for a workout.
#Tip – To lift your confidence and morale, invest in some snazzy new fitness gear, feel comfortable and listen to an upbeat playlist to get you in the mood.

“I don't know where to start!” Choosing which exercises to do at the gym can be a terrifying, take a deep breath and get guidance from your personal trainer on where to start. Most gyms have an orientation session to help you get started. Alternatively, attending a fitness class will expose you to new and diverse exercise that you can adapt into your own routine. Working out with someone can help reassure you that you are not alone in your fitness pursuits.
#Tip – If you're still afraid to ask, look at any of the many excellent blog posts and YouTube videos that show diverse types of exercises that target different outcomes for various parts of the body.

"I'm having a bad day...!” We all have off days. Sometimes when you go to the gym, your body often refuses to comply. You are normal, so don't fret. It's important to pay attention to your body and take time off when necessary. Simply vow to return and crush the next workout session.
#Tip - Draw a line to start again if you had a rough day the day before. Go to the gym because it helps you feel amazing, because you love it, and because you know it will help you achieve your goals.

Feel like you’ll never get in shape? Everyone will benefit from going to the gym, and everyone must begin somewhere. You might not feel physically fit right now, but with a couple months of regular gym attendance, you'll be well on your way. Make a mental image of your potential, perfect self and use it as inspiration. Never give in and never back out.
#Tip – Everyone you see in the gym had a starting point. Your journey is just beginning, so keep going and think of your end results and reap the rewards with your newfound body confidence.

Being optimistic and healthy is important, with positive lifestyle changes and a commitment to self-improvement, anything is possible. By simply, starting to consider these steps, shows and proves just how much you want to make a change. Time to step to it!

Article by Mamuna Arshad - Aesthetic & Lifestyle Specialist
The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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