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100% Full Steam Ahead

With a Gastric Band do you still need to be 100% focused to see results.

This is such a hard one to answer as people lose weight so differently. But with the band helping with Portion Control and Hunger then you find your patients reporting a completely different weight loss journey than they have ever encountered before. Normally along with these two added bonus's generally comes some degree of a calorie deficit. More often resulting in a weight loss without being 100% committed to following a diet plan. How amazing is this...!!!

Remember the band is said to do 30% so if you are not hitting the desired weight loss of 1-2lbs a week then you really do need to look at the best ways to utilise your band and apply a good level of healthy diet and exercise to see results. Sometimes its the simple things like keeping your meals textured and understanding how the band works that can really help too with the weight loss. Check out for more help and support and don't forget to follow us on our socials for plenty of hints and tips with your band.

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