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100 calorie snacks

For those special occasions or days where you just want a treat then try these little snacks that are all less than 100 calories:


  • A fun-size choc bar e.g. Milky Way, Twix
  • A reduced calorie bag of crisps like French fries, skips or quavers
  • A small glass of wine
  • 1 chocolate digestive
  • A low-calorie hot chocolate and 2 choc fingers
  • A scoop of lower calorie ice cream like Halo Top or try a fruit sorbet
  • A gin and slim-line tonic or vodka and diet lemonade
  • Low fat chocolate mousse
  • Thin malt loaf slice
  • A crumpet
  • A small toasted scotch pancake
  • 2 Jaffa cakes
  • Small bag of Twiglets
  • Tasty little numbers – low calories snacks
  • Skinny Whip chocolate bar
  • A mini solero, mini milk, fruit pastilles, skinny cow or a twister lolly
  • 2 plain biscuits like rich tea
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